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How to Save Money on Petrol/fuel

Car fuel, gas,petrol,juice whatever you call it, it aint cheap! But here are a few ways you can help save a little bit by remembering a few things.

Turn off your air conditioning, unless you absolutely need it. Air conditioning uses an alarming amount of fuel.

Make sure your not carrying any excess weight, if it doesn’t need to be in the car, take it out!

Try not to accelerate too fast or too often, the car uses most fuel when you accelerate, so do so slowly and only when necessary, no gunning it from one stop sign to the next!

Keep the windows as closed as possible, this creates air resistance.

Take anything like roof racks etc off the car unless you are using them, they create drag and resistancewhich will use more petrol

Try to keep an even, moderate speed such as 40-50 (where allowed!)

Make sure the air pressure in the tyres is correct and make sure they are all properly inflated.

Change your air filter every 6000 miles.