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Head Lice Removal with Pure Petroleum Jelly

You have discovered that your child has head lice. Now what? There are many over- the- counter remedies and some prescriptions that you can choose. However, these are not 100% proven effective and let’s face it, you are using pesticides on your child’s head. Is that really safe? It can’t be all that healthy! Not to mention that it is quite frustrating to pay all that money, go through all the steps, only to find that the lice have survived and are laughing back at you as they lay more eggs. Thus, continuing the vicious cycle of trying to remove the lice. Your child is uncomfortable, perhaps in tears. You are at your wits end.

There is a better way. I have used this method on my daughter and I can tell you it works!! It is cost effective and less frustrating for both you and your child. In first grade, my daughter came home from school with head lice. We tried every lice removal system out there and it never failed, a week later she was re-infested. That is when I discovered the Pure Petroleum Jelly method. The lice get stuck and suffocate in the jelly and are easily combed out. Even the tiny ones that you can barely see and are often missed through traditional removal systems. The jelly also help loosen the eggs from the hair for better removal.

You will need a jar of petroleum jelly (store brand is fine), two shower caps., a metal lice removal comb, a wide bristle brush , and a few towels. Now comes the fun part. Drape a towel around your child’s neck to protect their clothing. Then start applying the petroleum jelly throughout the hair. Be sure to get it all the way down to the scalp. Be generous and apply it very thick. To lighten the mood and help make you child smile, sculpt the hair in funny designs. Once you have finished applying the jelly, push the hair as much as you can on top of the child’s head. Wrap a small hand towel or “do- rag” over the hair. Finally, place the shower cap securely on top of your child’s head. Leave this on for at least 12 hours (over night).

After the elapsed time, remove the shower cap and towel or do-rag. The hair will be knotted so gently use the wide bristled brush to straighten out the hair. Gather another towel (paper towels may be better) and the metal lice removal comb. Divide the hair into small sections. Start close to the scalp and comb out the hair. You will get large clumps of petroleum jelly in the comb. Wipe it off with the towel, or paper towels and continue. Make sure you comb the entire head thoroughly.

Due to the fact that my daughter has very thick hair, it is at this point I re-apply more petroleum jelly and have it remain on her head for one more night. This extra step may not be necessary for everyone, but I like to make sure I get the job done. That is where the second shower cap is used.

It may take several hair washings to remove the remainder of the petroleum jelly. The best way to break up the jelly is to soak the hair with olive oil. Scrub the olive oil throughout the hair with your hands. Then use manual dish washing liquid to wash the hair. Do not use dish detergents for the machine dish washer.

Your child is now lice free!