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How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Storage Unit?

The following is a guest post from Nigerian real estate developer Michael Chudi Ejekam.

Cost of Renting a Storage Unit

Storage unit rental companies traditionally charge their consumers on a monthly basis. A 5×5 foot storage unit can run between $40 and $50 a month depending on the company. 10×15 foot units can cost anywhere from $75 to $140 a month. Monthly dues for a 10 x 20 foot unit can cost between $95 and $155, while 20 x 20 foot units can cost upwards of $225 a month.

Cost of Renting a Controlled Climate Storage Unit

Some rental companies offer storage units that feature climate-control. Temperature and humidity are controlled in this type of storage unit. Generally, consumers can expect to pay higher prices for climate-controlled storage units. A 10 x 15 foot climate-controlled storage unit can cost up to $150 per month. A 10 x 20 foot storage unit that is climate-controlled can cost anywhere from $170 per month to $180 per month.

POD Storage Unit

POD storage units are a mobile type of storage unit. The Acronym POD stands for “portable on-demand.” They can be delivered and picked up from a location at the consumer’s request. Companies that offer POD storage units usually have a facility where consumers can choose to store their POD if they do not want the unit on their property while they are renting them. POD storage units are very popular and convenient. For a 8 x 8 x 12 foot POD, consumers can expect to pay around $230 per month.

Additional Storage Unit Costs

Aside from monthly rent requirements, there are a couple other costs associated with storage units. Most consumers would be wise to lock up their storage spaces, while they are away. A decent lock can cost upwards of $20. Some facilities may require a deposit, which can vary from location to location. Storage unit owners have the right to charge consumers late fees for monthly dues that are not received on time. In many cases, to avoid fees, consumers can negotiate with the owner of the rental facility. Late fees can vary from location to location.