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How To Sell Your Home Using Feng Shui: How Ancient Chinese Philosophy Could Increase Property Sales

The following post is a guest post from Houston, Texas area real estate developer and entrepreneur Tracy Suttles. Tracy can be best contacted for questions, comments and concerns on Twitter at @tracydsuttles.

However, economic problems aside, the reason that some houses are struggling to sell could be down to other reasons. Homeowners with “for sale” signs at the moment might benefit from putting into practice some of the principles of feng shui in their properties. Perhaps the energy in the house is being blocked in some way? – the principles of feng shui could help address this balance enabling a vendor to sell their home more easily.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng shui or “foong shway” as it is pronounced in Mandarin, means “wind, water”. It is an ancient Chinese philosophy based on the relationship between humans and the environment. Underlying the practice of feng shui is the belief that we and the environment we inhabit are sustained by an invisible yet tangible energy known as “chi”.

A devotee of feng shui must observe the flow of “chi” and recognise the areas in which energy has become trapped or where too much has gathered in order to create space for “chi” to move freely. If “chi” is allowed to stagnate it can have a negative effect on our fortunes. By freeing this energy we can enhance all areas of our lives, from our homes and relationships to our wealth and good fortune.

Do The Sellers Really Want To Move to a New House?

According to the principles of feng shui, if a house owner is struggling to sell their home this may have occurred because there is a blockage of energy somewhere in the house, which is putting off potential buyers . Homeowners need to ask themselves whether, deep down they are reluctant to move house.

By harbouring doubts about moving home owners may be unknowingly creating an energetic lock which could block the sale of the property. It’s inevitable that house owners will feel emotionally attached to their home, especially if they have lived in the same house for a long number of years. However If they really want to make that sale they need to move on in order to encourage the positive flows of energy within their property.

Bring Positive Energy Into Specific Areas Around The Home

Sellers need to get feng shui savvy, and using a compass focus on the following areas in the house:

  • North West: This area represents helpful or supportive people. This should facilitate deal making, especially your estate agents’ ability to make a sale. Put grey objects or objects featuring the number 6 in this area.
  • South East: This area represents wealth and prosperity. By placing chimes or crystal here – anything that moves light or sound – this can help the estate agent work better for you.
  • South: This area represents fame, fortune, celebrity and attention. Use fiery objects which are red or feature the number 9. Make sure the area is clean and decluttered. Doing this will remove any potential buyers’ fears that there may be hidden problems with the property.
  • East: The east represents prosperity, harmony and family life. Find a wooden object, something green or an object featuring the number 3 and place it here in order to attract buyers.

Even if the person selling a property does not believe in the principles of feng shui , in the current recession it may be worth giving it a try. Sellers may feel that feng shui is simply superstition but it is worth remembering that successful property developers have to take seriously the beliefs of their target market. Many new property developments have houses which omit the number 13 since people in the west think it’s’ unlucky.

In a similar way someone from China would be unlikely to make an offer on a house if it is number 4, as 4 sounds like “death” in Chinese. One London Builder recently omitted numbers 4, 13, 14 and 24 from their new apartments – so they were obviously taking no chances!

For a good general introduction to the principles of feng shui read “The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Feng Shui” by Elizabeth Moran, Val Biktashev, Joseph Yu, in paperback, Alpha Books